Welcome to Sprey.net. This blog was started by Javier Michael, 28, an artist from New York. Javier is a young artist who grew up in Mexico and now creates art in New York. He is a graffiti artist who is trying to establish graffiti as an actual art form. He started this blog to present the art of graffiti and to also collect as many pictures of and stories on graffiti. Javier’s ultimate goal is to have graffiti be recognized as an art form and to have it be allowed in more places across the world.

Graffiti is generally linked with juveniles and vandalism. However, this is not necessarily the truth and it is definitely not the whole picture. There are places in the world where graffiti is appreciated and allowed as an art form. There galleries and tunnels where people can just go and create their art with a spray can. Some of the most amazing and most powerful pieces of art are graffiti. Graffiti has an edge and a voice that is different from other art forms. It is very real and makes no excuses.

Through this blog, its creator and writer aims to give graffiti a place in the world where all the stereotypes and negative connotations fall away.

Javier invites anyone interested and fascinated by the art of graffiti to follow his blog. You can contact him directly to share your stories, views, art, and more. Contact Javier at info@sprey.net.

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Blog designed to present the art of Graffiti across the world. Javier Michaels, owner of
the blog, aims to collect as many as possible graffiti pictures along with the stories behind them.
Followers should feel free to contact directly the webmaster and share their stories. Michaels longterm
goal is Graffiti to be recognised and allowed in more and more places.